Eleonora Buratto

Suor Angelica, my role debut

4, 7, 13, 16, 20, 23 October | Wiener Staatsoper

Every debut brings with it a range of emotions that include discovering the libretto, exploring the score and, for us as singers, above all studying the character. Each time we feel the same emotions and the same thrill. But believe me, singing for the first time as Suor Angelica in a theatre and a city that I love (the Wiener Staatsoper in Vienna) is a special moment in my career which is unsettling me but, at the same time, making me even happier than usual. I only got to know this opera a few years ago, and I knew immediately that it would become part of my repertoire and that I would devote professional zeal and a musician's love to this "sister" beloved by Puccini. What I didn't realise was that the libretto of Suor Angelica (just perfect; by Giovacchino Forzano) and, above all, Puccini's music would touch me so deeply and intimately as a woman. Suor Angelica is an opera that tells of miracle, motherhood denied, atrocious suffering, spiritual elevation and moralism, but also of sisterhood. It's an opera that has an extraordinary ability to speak to our hearts today. I'm impatient to be on stage, immersing myself in this all-female universe which tells us so much more about Puccini than many parts of his biography.

I'll be on stage from 4th to 23rd October. Try to get organised to attend one of the six performances!
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Photo © Silvia Lelli

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