I have been ambassador for Debra Südtirol - Alto Adige, the association which assists Epidermolysis Bullosa patients, since October 2015.
I have been involved for some time with the problems faced by the so-called Butterfly Children who suffer from birth from this condition which causes the skin to erupt in painful blisters at the slightest touch. For these children the most common everyday activities are never pain-free. Walking, eating and moving are all a great challenge. Worst of all, there is still no successful cure for this genetic disease.
It is an honour for me to lend my face, my voice and my free time to promote and raise awareness for the cause of the Butterfly Children, their extraordinary families and those who carry out research. That is why I support and ask you to support the charity Debra Südtirol - Alto Adige.

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I have been wearing the wonderful jewellery by Cartier since 2018. The consideration shown by Cartier in letting me wear its fine jewellery for concerts and photo shoots is exceptional. In this way I have the privilege of wearing dream jewellery which unites two concepts I share, spirit of innovation and a tradition of excellence.

Chiara Boni

Italian-made products are amazing and it is a pleasure to wear Chiara Boni La Petite Robe garments for my concerts. These dresses are feminine and bring prestige to Italian fashion, a sector whose strategic importance for our economy we sometimes underestimate. It has always been one of the most significant sectors in Italian production. I always take Chiara Boni dresses with me when I travel the world. They make me feel like an ambassador for our creative talent.

Martino Midali

“I wish Eleonora all the success she deserves. I only met her recently”, says Martino Midali, “but we immediately got on well. I found a young but greatly determined woman. She has chosen a particularly demanding career, which calls for sacrifices at times too great for someone her age, but I've always seen her with a smile on her lips. That's what makes her an ideal Midali woman”.